Best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet (Commuter, Modular, Touring & Sports)

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When looking for The Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet, 2 factors should be considered: comfort and weight. On the other hand, it is difficult to find two things at a time. Many relatively heavy helmets are easy to wear for longer periods of time, as are some lighter helmets.

But wearing a lightweight helmet will make a significant difference over distance. Below, we make a list of Lightweight Motorcycle helmets. This list includes the lightest and most convenient motorcycle helmets available, allowing you to get the perfect combination.

What is a light motorcycle helmet?

Since the average weight of a motorbike helmet would be about 1.5 kg, we placed our cut-off mark for this post at about 1.4 kilograms, and most are somewhat smaller. This figure, of course, varies depending on the situation. For commuting and weekend warriors, the extra expense of shaving the last 200g may not be worth it.

Only if the light does not jeopardize protection is it desirable.

The best Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Now I’m going to share the top-rated and budget-friendly helmet with you divided into 3 steps: top budget, mid-budget, and best budget. And each budget part has 4 types of helmets as Commuter helmet, Modular helmet, touring helmet, and sports helmet. Please continue the post to learn more.

Any of these classifications overlap, and some helmets serve many functions. So, if you want one of our sports helmets but require a commuter helmet, the sports helmet would suffice. Please keep in mind that helmet costs vary depending on size and timeframe.

Best Commuter lightweight helmets

Here are the best commuter lightweight helmets that are more safe and comfortable.

1. Schwinn Thrasher bike Helmet/Best budget helmet

This helmet is considered one of the greatest helmets for people of all ages. The 0.36kg mask provides the perfect helmet experience while still ensuring proper protection. It is a favorite of everyone because of its distinctive style and appealing appearance. It is designed for all adults, both men, and women. Also, It suits every bicycle and, thanks to its lightweight, helps you to get the most out of your cycling.

This item is suggested that the customer is above the age of 14. The helmet has a 360º supportive design and a dial knob with wide spectrum padding that can be adjusted.

It avoids sweating and excessive heat by keeping the head cold. This guarantees that you will be rid of all problems and that you will become a more avid user of the Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet. It has a large and sturdy body made of plastics with a tough foam internal and external surface.

It has a common fitting system and Twenty central air vents to ensure adequate airflow. For cycling, it offers the strongest airflow and ventilation mechanism. When wearing it, it offers you the best feeling on your head.

The back part of the helmet has a flashlight. It enables the rider to maintain sufficient visibility among the other riders. Besides, It will alert other users and passers-by to the presence of a biker on the street. It is powered by a battery.

  • The weight of the helmet is very much convenient and helpful for anyone.
  • Its stability is above the best.
  • Any kind of journey can be made quickly wearing this.
  • It provides the best airflow your head can have.
  • Best design in the market, suitable for any gender.
  • Suitable for mountain climbing, swimming, etc.
  • Needs proper care of the body. Might show defects after extended use
  • Not preferred to wear while riding a bike

Product verdict

The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet will be the right cycling helmet for you if you use it properly and keep those shortcomings in mind. Its distinctive features and characteristics would entice every rider to become a follower.
It not only ensures the highest level of safety but also makes the ride more relaxing. Its cooling system is cutting-edge, making the journey more comfortable for the passenger.

Its numerous applications may cause you to fall for it more frequently. It outperforms the majority of bicycle helmets available on the market due to its versatility.

The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is undoubtedly the right helmet to wear when cycling. Get the helmet now if you’re a casual cyclist and take your riding to the next stage.

2. Sedici Strada II/Mid-Budget helmet

Sedici Strada II Helmet

If you considered a brand as Sedici is wanna be Italian, take a different view. The Sedici line of bike gear is basically a house brand of Bike Gear/amazon.

Definitely, this isn’t a challenge at all, because that means they’ll be able to keep their over-the-counter costs down by leaving out the middlemen, resulting in higher performance gear for us.

Which, price levels of the Sedici Strada II helmets with their stylish titanium or fiberglass shells, appear to be the case.

They seem to be well priced for the technology they have. That’s fine as long as the helmet is decent.

The actual Sedici Strada was commonly regarded as a little uneasy, a little chaotic, and, well, a little underdeveloped.

Sedici Strada II
  • Stylish appearance
  • Comfortable & reasonably lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Three shell sizes
  • ECE and DOT Approved
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Adjustable fit
  • Pinlock ready visor
  • Upper air vents aren’t good enough
  • Visor leaks water through the seal easily
  • Pinlock not included

Product verdict

As an overall performance, Sedici Strada II is well and likable for all. They’re fantastic all-rounders that reflect outstanding returns on investment, whether you want carbon fiber or fiberglass.

And they do it reasonably well – not brilliantly, but reasonably well. The shell technology is excellent, and the Primo Carbon Fiber variant has received Snell clearance. Although they don’t have the highest ventilation or convenience ratings on the marketplace, they’re still highly ranked in both categories.

The helmet noise exposure is also acceptable, and the entire package is neatly packed together and done. Owners admire outstanding value for capital the most, and the Sedici II delivers in spades.

3. Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet/Top budget

The Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon is an entire face touring helmet with a carbon fiber exterior and almost any feature a typical full-face helmet might have. Until I get into the details, though, let’s have a short synopsis.

The ST1400, such as the rest of the carbon composite helmets, is only available in black. The standard black comes with a glossy and matte design and a “graphic” variant named Antrim, which comes in gray. The helmet is 85 to 90percent dark, even with the illustrations.

I believe they had other solutions that were more visible and reflected more sunshine during the cooler months. I understand the need to flaunt the shell’s “smart” carbon composite weave, but I’m done with it. Perhaps more colors will become visible in the future?

If you get over my aversion to black helmets, the overall look is very cool. The graphics are wise and tidy, despite their subtlety. Close analysis shows that the decals are marginally off the middle overall. Once looking down on the helmet upward, it appears as if the whole decal box has been slightly rotated clockwise. I wonder if most riders are aware of this, but it exists.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

2 openings, one at the lip bar and the other at the tip, accommodate ventilation. All vent structures have a gleaming black finish and 2 open places, in contrast, to completely locked. A rear combustion port is located at the top of the vehicle.

The chin belt is attached with a double D-Ring configuration, and a glimpse of the exterior reveals a carbon fiber “weave template” on a section of the covering. This goes along with the weave shape under the shell’s central bank.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Emergency cheek pad pulls
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Emergency quick-release cheek pads
  • Good ventilation and noise
  • Using a central tab and lock mechanism
  • An additional Pinlock visor with an included MaxVision insert
  • An Everclear fog-free main visor
  • Optical quality of visor optics could be better

Product verdict

The ST1400 has a lot going for it. Scorpion has found a way to put a carbon fiber shell with as many functions as a washing machine. Although not the lightweight full-face helmet on the market, it will be difficult to find one with all of the specifications at a weight somewhere like that of the ST1400.

A lot of options are fine, but only if they are professionally implemented, and Scorpion has done an excellent job in this situation. The airflow is adequate, the interior visor is sufficiently dim, and the helmet is easy to wear for long periods of time. All of this adds up to a well-designed competition and sport-touring helmet.

Best Modular lightweight helmets

Now here I’m going to share the best modular motorbike helmets with you considering your budget and comfort. I hope, this modular helmet fulfills your expectation.

1. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight/Best budget helmet

The helmet is lightweight but feels sturdy and is finished in a nice hue. “Earth-friendly and liquid” is how Nolan explains their color. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a producer making such an assertion.

A thin green/white/red flag is integrated into the DOT logo on the back, which contrasts well with the dark grey color. Nolan is particularly fond of the Lexan polycarbonate shell, which he has trademarked.

It does not receive a SNELL rating, but it does receive ECE 22.05 and DOT authorization. The helmet is marginally lightweight than the Schuberth C4 and Shoei Neotec II, but heavyweight than the Simpson Mod Bandit and AGV Sportmodular Carbon.

Since the gap is so minimal, donning is somewhat more difficult than for wider-mouthed helmets. The external style is uncluttered and streamlined.

The N100-5 is a helmet with a mid-sized. With my rapid breathing inside, just the narrow piece of visor under the visor shrouds up. This style’s ease of installation and removal cannot be overstated. Some people wouldn’t like the tightening chinstrap style, but I really like it.

The Pinlock lens comes with the N 100-5 and mounts without the use of a wrench or my usual stream of swear words when I fall the very tiny screws multiple times. Here the two shell sizes are available, with the greater shell’s cut-off at XL and up.

Lexan is also used for the transparent visor and the coloured flip-down sun mirror. Both lenses are crystal clear to the naked eye and have no signs of a blur. This visor is one of the simplest to uninstall and reinstall for washing or removal. When the chin bar rises and falls, I like how the chin curtain wraps across my chin.

  • High-quality materials used in construction
  • Pin-Lock lens included
  • Excellent bang for the buck
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Lighter than most comparables
  • Excellent fitment and comfort
  • Quite
  • Excellent airflow
  • Must raise chin bar to don
  • Only N-Com Bluetooth units should be used with Nolan helmets

Product verdict

The Nolan N100-5 is a modular helmet that is both well-designed and spectacular. It’s compatible with Nolan’s N-com conversationalists and ESS brake light unit. It has a fantastic sunroof with a revolutionary multi-stage scroll down and a good shield design with pre-set pin-lock anti-fog.

The only blemish on the lotion is that it has yet to be individually safety checked by Snell or SHARP, so we can’t be certain how well it will do. If you’re trying to purchase a new switch motorbike helmet, it should be at the peak of popularity.

2. TORC T27B1FBK TB27/ mid-budget helmet

TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet

With its innovative scale and pricing, the TB27 Modular Helmet brings it to another level. The new helmet is twenty times lighter than its counterpart and rivals. The TORC TB27 also has the same level of defense as the best helmets. It has a smooth finish that is attractive but not tacky.

Apart from its shape, the company has worked hard to incorporate a dual-density EPS liner to meet the simplicity requirements. It consists of two visors: one on the outside and one on the inner that you can take off until the chin bar has been lifted. You have all of these unique advantages for the cheapest cost, with the bonus of Bluetooth integration.

The T27B is a breakthrough in TORC helmet design. The modular architecture pushes the compact helmet into new territory in terms of price and total footprint. This helmet has a lot of intake ventilation and a lot of Ventura voicing for the back emissions.

The slider-based fall visor system looks like it belongs on a gadget four times the value. The front chin bar’s locking device has a one-button escape mechanism. The oval shape of the head structure is medium. A thermoset alloy is used for the shield and chin.


Wireless 2.0 technology means that your Wireless mobile phone, Android, or iPhone can work together. Full-duplex telecommunications with DSP sensor, sound microphone, soul speed, sleeve, and waterproof settings

ECE and DOT certifications are available for this new design. You will use the T 27B to send texts, listen to complementary music from your MP3 player or XM radio, and get GPS instructions.

  • Small and Lightweight
  • Integrated Blinc Bluetooth
  • Enhanced Build Quality and Design
  • Superior Ventilation
  • Included a Dual Visor sensor
  • The music sound can be a little low

Product verdict

There’s a lot to like in the TORC TB27 Full Face Lightweight Helmet. It’ll make you happy for all the correct reasons. The lid’s style and aesthetics are spot on, and it’s roomy enough for long journeys.

It’s also one of the best choices for those who like to render their bike trips more enjoyable, thanks to Bluetooth and music downloading. The helmet even comes with a coloured mask, meaning you won’t have to purchase one separately.

This is an expense and perfect option if you’re looking for decent modular helmets with incorporated Bluetooth.

3. SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2/Top budget helmet

A CoolMax liner and a fall interior sunscreen are included as standard features. Long-distance cycling, inner-city walking, and anything in between is all possible with this bike.

Few years, Shark has been producing flip-up/modular helmets, with every new edition getting better and better. There’s another well Evoline helmet sequence (from version one to the most recent version 3) and then there’s the Open-line.

But now the Evo-One has been included in the mix. It’s a continuation of the Evoline sequence, but it’s planned to be somewhat more lightweight (i.e., have a shorter shell and seem smaller) and Shark has improved a few other aspects from previous Evolines in the collection.

Since then, the Evo-One 2. , a developmental model, has been attached to the lineup.

This item is very close to the first Evo-One, but with a completely different chin bar opening function for smoother operation. Basically, they’ve made minor changes to the existing helmet and launched it as an improved version.

But here’s the real scoop on what the Evo-One 2 has to deliver, including technical specifications, functionality, and, most importantly, what owners have to say about it.

Shark Evoline 3 ST is a lightweight helmet that can be converted from full face to open face in one simple upward movement. The helmet comes with a lip bar for using upright for extra safety.

  • Easier manipulation of the chin bar
  • Softer, better, and more comfortable.
  • Brand new ventilation design fore and aft.
  • Overall lower weight has been decreased by approximately 200 grams.
  • Lexan Polycarbonate shell
  • Shark Easy Fit system for comfortable use with glasses
  • Integrated drop-down sun shield
  • Removable and washable CoolMax liner
  • DOT approved
  • left side chin bar latch is weaker then right side

Product verdict

The Shark Evo-One Shark flip-up helmet has been a fantastic everyday hat. Comfortable, with excellent airflow and wonderful out-of-the-way chin protection for a true open-faced ride. This at a reasonable price.

The locking feature on the 2nd gen has been improved to make it easy to use. We shouldn’t have any trouble with shields scratching on the helmets with the latest shield device and new Pin-lock.

The chin bar stayed locked and closed through 100 percent of the affect checks, earning a SHARP test result of 4.5 out of 5. You can find more details on safety in the Safety section.

Best lightweight touring helmet

1. Shark Spartan (Karken graphic shown helmet)/best budget helmet

For a while now, webBikeWorld has been reviewing Shark’s mask. Really, it seems as though the “Raw” helmet has been checked for almost 5 years. Maybe it was partly because Shark underwent any U.S. distribution changes? Perhaps it was just like most of the other manufacturers such as Shoei, HJC, and Arai the Shark was never really a “residence” in helmets here in the United States.

What that case, I seem as if one of the industry’s leading helmet producers has generally been ignored by riders in the U.s. That sounds skewed, though, due to the fact that 4 shark castles have been owned in the previous ten years and that many other helmets from many vendors are tested and processed.

 Don’t go to imply that Shark beats all out but they contend with other producers in quality and design from what I saw. So I hopped all over when I was given the opportunity to get the latest Shark helmet to check. Will Shark always carry warmth and exert pressure on his colleagues?

Shark Spartan (Karken graphic shownhelmet)

In the event that you don’t know Shark, the helmet scene is not the latest. 2018 was the 30th after 2 brothers in the South of France founded Shark Helmets. In reality, in 1991, Shark was the first maker to make a carbon composite helmet for commercial purposes with XRC Carbon.

  • Lightweight composite shell
  • Very comfortable liner
  • Good venting and solid controls
  • Optically excellent visors
  • SHARP 4 star safety rated (Eu version)
  • Integral sun visor
  • Pinlock Max Vision included
  • Double-D ring fastener
  • Top to bottom outward visibility a little short
  • Top-mounted visor slider can be a little awkward

Product verdict

The Spartan is not an inexpensive helmet, but when comparing to other helmets in the same price range, it is a fantastic deal. The fiberglass shell is robust and lightweight, and it has a solid, secure feel it.

The liner is among the most comfortable places to rest one’s head when riding, and the muted wind sound provides for a relaxing ride. The superior optical properties of both the main and internal visors compensate for the restriction put on the top to end angle of vision.

2. Schuberth R2 (Traction graphic shown)/mid-budget helmet

You’re aware of the Germans’ demeanor. This one has “developed aerodynamics for top-speed stability” and is made using a unique patented technology called Direct Fiber Processing (DFP), which results in a stronger shell that is no thicker in any place than it has to be.

With a smooth headliner and integral spectacle channel, we’re naturally antimicrobial, washable, and quick-drying on the inside. The R2 is also ready to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SC1-System (available separately), which comes with integrated antennas, speakers, and a microphone. Actually, it’s very cool.

Schuberth’s Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) method is used to create the outer shell. Extruding an unending spool of fiberglass into a helmet shape under extremely high pressure creates the helmet. The reduced number of vents also contributes to a significant reduction in noise levels.

The comfort liner is one of the softest liners in any motorbike helmet presently offered. The visor is scratch-resistant and ready to accept a Pinlock anti-fog insert, which is included in the package.

During riding, the drop-down sunshade decreases brightness from the sunlight. The Schuberth C4 Pro has an aerodynamic shape that is aimed at reducing sound.

The Sena SC1 Data Transmission comes pre-installed, making it simple to communicate to a cell phone. The helmet’s sound isolation is thanks to Schubberth’s extensive velocity measurements.

  • Light Weight
  • DFP Fiberglass Shell
  • DOT Compliant
  • Aerodynamic / Extra wide viewport
  • Anti-fog system
  • Easily Removable
  • washable lining
  • Pre-wired for SC1 comm system with speakers
  • Chin vent is unstable
  • Vent durability is questionable

Product verdict

The SCHUBERTH R2 Regulator is a wonderful option for a mid-priced helmet with a lot of high-end features. The ability to connect the Schuberth SC1 communication system into the external layer of the helmet by simply dumping in the batteries and module offers this a simple option for anyone looking for a simple common method and exceptional security from a single helmet. Although not everybody can purchase a $1,000 helmet, each rider deserves the chance to use one with excellent safety, convenience, and elevated features.

3. AGV K6 lightweight helmet/ top budget helmet

AGV K6 - Minimal Gunmetal

The current premium K6 from AGV is a versatile road helmet. It’s lighter than the SportModular, which is already lightweight and is available in 4 shell sizes.

The K6 is one of the lightweight road helmets on the market, at under 3 pounds. 5 distinct densities of protective EPS are sandwiching between the fiberglass and carbon, ensuring strong protection and unrivaled lightness.

The hinge mechanics for the face shield are also quite small. The bottom trim and liner are both excellently, tight, and perfectly aligned. Because the chin curtain is composed of a flexy cloth, it is simpler to slide your chin beyond it.

With rich paintwork, carefully placed graphics, and an even topcoat, the K6 has a great overall external fit and polish. It includes a Pinlock Max Vision 120 insert that prevents fogging in the helmet.

The AGV K6 is a real medium oval with a circular form and smaller sides. The Micro-Lock technology keeps the shield firmly while maintaining it slightly open for ventilation. The button/latch system is very sticky and difficult to use with one hand.

The intake vents are small, most likely to conserve weight and reduce drag. At maximum velocity, the K6’s weight is practically balanced, and the surrounding views are spectacular.

  • Very comfortable and plush upholstery
  • Pinlock anti-fog included
  • Excellent Pinlock and visor quality
  • Carbon fiber and aramid (Kevlar) shell
  • Shell in 4 sizes
  • 5 density EPS
  • EQRS* cheek pads
  • Double-D ring fastener
  • Chin vent is unstable
  • Vent durability is questionable
Schuberth R2 (Traction graphic shown)

Product verdict 

The AGV K6 checks all of the comfort and utility boxes. The only major issue is the arrival of a specific sort of rain. For the cost, it’s a nice helmet. The K6 is now in use and will continue to be so. For such quality of the helmet, the pricing is reasonable.

It comes with a gold ACU logo and may be used both on and off the track. It will be utilized for a grand tour, and the owner has no reservations about utilizing the K6 on the track because of the black ACU stickers. For the degree of comfort, the pricing is reasonable.

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Are lightweight helmets safe?

The helmet was created at a time when the number of people involved in car accidents was on the rise. The helmet was 1st made In 1914.

However, at the time, a compact helmet was made, but as the world progressed, one helmet became more than one in the world. Full-face helmets, portable helmets, off-road helmets, stylish helmets, and a variety of other helmets are available.

However, the biggest question is whether a lighter helmet is secure. So, while we may assume that a lightweight helmet is secure, this does not imply that it is entirely safe.

Since lightweight helmets aren’t thought to be more secure than standard helmets. If bike accidents, lightweight helmets are more likely to crack. In some circumstances, the lightweight helmet swings in the head due to its lightweight, indicating that you are not yet ready for comfortable cycling.

However, if the helmet’s weight is too heavy in one place, you won’t be able to ride comfortably. You feel like a lump on the head due to the high weight of the mask. Then you don’t feel at ease completely twisting your neck, so even a heavy-duty helmet isn’t appropriate.

In contrast, a lightweight helmet may be used. However, you should pay more awareness to the “ that lightweight helmets should be marketed and tested. It should also have powerful buckles inside because that you can tie the helmet.

What to look at before buying a lightweight helmet

Here are some criteria that you should follow before buying a helmet


Are you hunting for a helmet to wear on your commute? Then a full-face or modular helmet may be the best option for optimum security. Maybe you like to get ready for a fun trip now and then? For those long journeys, a traveling helmet might be more appropriate. Modular helmets offer more space for cruisers and motorcycles in an elevated riding stance. If you like hiking, a dual-sport style would suit you perfectly.


Although the average SNELL helmet costs less than $300, top-budget helmets made of premium lightweight materials will cost up to 3 times as much. Helmets made of composite materials like carbon fiber cloth and kevlar normally cost $500-600, so be ready to get an ultra-light moneybag if you choose an incredible bucket.


Few lightweight helmets can have a thicker or lower-density EPS coating to save weight where possible. Be sure to do your research and search up the Snell ratings for the helmet, as well as the DOT, European Standard, or SHARP rating, where you’re from.


Most portable helmets are pared down to the fundamentals, but ensure to take in the update opportunities down the line. Check to see if it accepts new liners and sunscreen, Bluetooth headphones, and hydration packages. It’s also worth looking at what kind of modifications are available for that particular helmet, and whether they’re aftermarket or exclusive.


Inexpensive helmets strive to use injected plastic material to obtain comparable protection ratings to their more costly carbon fiber and resin equivalents.
The weight is the corners that have to be sliced.

To attain equal strength to carbon fiber and resin design, polymer construction requires more material. So, though they may be equally secure, less expensive helmets are heavier.

Sizes of Shells

If a helmet comes with different shell sizes, you’ll have a better chance of getting a comfortable match. Shipping and blowing the extra foam saves the business a little more cost, but it can make a big difference in your convenience.

Types of Helmet

It also makes good sense: an open-face helmet is lightweight than an entire helmet, and a “porridge tub” is lighter than an open-face helmet. If you use less plastic in your mask, it would be lighter.

Since they include a hinge system and rotating components, modular helmets usually weigh much more than full-face helmets constructed of comparable materials. Similarly, visors, Bluetooth headphones, detachable lenses, and other devices will all add to the total weight.

FAQ on The Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

Here are some common question and answering that you should read

Q: What type of motorcycle helmet is the safest?

A: The full-face helmet has the most padding for your head and neck and is the best form of motorbike helmet for crash protection. The chin bar, which is a vital protective device that several helmets lack, is a key characteristic of the full-face helmet.

Q: What is the smallest lightest DOT helmet?

A: Another of the global smallest and lightest D.O.T. certified 1/2 shell bike helmets is the Compact Line Daytona Helmets Skull Cap.

Q: What is the consideration of a light motorcycle helmet?

A: “Beanie” helmets are lightweight in terms of weight. Beanies are a new edition of half-shell helmets, which the Bike Safety Principle prohibits now. These only reach the top of the head and are normally under 3 pounds.


This guide to the lightest and most comfortable bike helmets will support narrowing your options so you can choose one that’s suitable for all-day use, long afternoon trips, and regular users.

All of these helmets provide a top-of-the-line shock absorbent, as well as critical protective measures and advanced breathing mechanisms that can increase rider satisfaction even more.

Though, they are made of sturdy, lightweight materials that help avoid rider exhaustion, enabling you to sit on your motorcycle all day in complete comfort during your next biking trip.

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